Our History


Almost at the same time as the formation of UAE, the original founder of this company; Mr Shewaram Gajjria obtained the license to practice architectural, engineering & MEP services consulting and obtained the license from a very young and newly formed Dubai Municipality.


With the initial growth of Dubai, the company grew and carried out projects in residential and commercial spheres.


The changes in Dubai were both dynamic and dramatic and an appropriate change in leadership was needed to propel the company into the new millennium. Mr. Shewaram steeped down from the position of the MD&CEO of the company and appointed Mr. Ramesh Tolani and Mr. Mohammed Ahmed as the new partners of the re-branded Model engineering Consultants.


With the new management at helm since 1994, Model witnessed a decade of excellence and phenomenal growth. Over 250 projects were designed and brought to life. The staff strength also grew by more than 400% in the same decade.


Since the new management setup in 1994, the two decades had witnessed almost 450 projects and with the total staff strength of 60 permanent full time staff of Architects and Engineers. Model Engineering had achieved the respect of the industry as one of the most mainstay and dependable engineering consulting firm.


The years of 2012 to 2014 were some on the most challenging years for the entire real estate and construction industry. And by the end of 2014 a sense of change and regrowth was essential.

Model underwent another re-branding exercise and re-strategized its marketing and technical approach for all projects.


The two year period from 2014 to 2016, once again proved the market leadership position of Model Engineering Consultants. In this short span of 2 years; Model was assigned to more than 50 new projects with the total estimated construction value of over USD 300 Million. Managing these new projects, is the team of 30 dedicated engineers and architects.