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Project Information
Project Details
Location : Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai, UAE
Client : A.K.S. Holdings Limited
Year : 2019
Built-up Area : 236,000 sq. ft.
Key Features : The design brief for this project was to blend with the surrounding developments following the current trend in Dubai. In line with this and some general studies about the development in the vicinity, the project opted for modern / contemporary style. The initial study of the plot location and surroundings gave an idea that the plot and other 3 plots around it (on the backside) will have the building blocks placed on the roadside and their landscape on the backside. All these individual landscapes combined with the service corridor passing through these plots will create a large open landscaped space thus creating a prime and elegant view on the backside. Considering the above, the building block are placed on the roadside and fulfilling the part in creating a larger congenial space. Keeping in mind the surrounding, the floor layouts are created placing the larger apartments facing the landscaped deck. The gymnasium block is placed on the landscaped deck projecting out with views of road, swimming pool area and landscaped deck creating a connectivity between gymnasium and jogging track on the deck. This will promote the residents to adopt the healthy lifestyle as well. The straighter lines of the layout which creates a strong building block gives a nice base and canvas to create an elegant contemporary style building.